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Due to Covid 19, we have closed manufacturing and are selling off our remaining inventory. We will only be able to ship bulk orders of 20+ gallons. If you are interested in placing an order, please send an email to SS@AbsoluteCoatingsGroup.com.


TS-905 Aquapoxy Epoxy CLEAR Kit


Aquapoxy is a new generation catalyst-cured epoxy floor finish that produces excellent results without harming you or the environment. And it’s tough! Recently chosen by 7-11 Stores (world’s largest retail chain) for use in all new construction. Utilizes breathable resin technology to produce an exceptionally hard, durable, surface tolerant finish. Adhesion, chemical resistance, hardness and long term durability are all impressive! This unique combination of environmental and performance properties make it a favorite with architects and property managers. Acceptable for use where heavy traffic, corrosive chemicals, impacts and abrasions are present. Grinding or blasting not typically required with the use of TS-695 Etching Cleaner or Muriatic acid. Covers 200-250 square feet per gallon. Apply one or two coats as desired. Two coats recommended in H-D and commercial applications.

  • Use as a one-coat or two-coat system.
  • Eco-friendly Zero VOC product.
  • Long pot life makes it easy to use.
  • Surface tolerant breathable formula.
  • Provides remarkable resistance to corrosive chemicals.
  • High adhesion.
  • Excellent hardness.
  • Good colorfastness and gloss retention.
  • Self-leveling finish.
  • 20 year guarantee.

INTENDED USE: A super-duty concrete coating for floors. Primarily for interior use but may be used outdoors.
SURFACES: Concrete, tile, VCT, masonry, plaster, fiberglass, synthetic materials.
USES: Commercial industrial use, hangars, commercial kitchens, retail, bathrooms, parking garages, concrete sealer and garage floor coatings. Approved for food service.
PRIMER: None required on concrete and tile. Glazed tile, linoleum & fiberglass use TS-664.
APPLICATION: Roll or spray.
NOT RECOMMENDED: For wooden surfaces.


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