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TS-6390 Ever-Last Epoxy Primer Kit

Gray Oxide
Red Oxide
White Oxide

Ever-Last Epoxy Primer is a two component polyamide epoxy floor coating primer intended for heavy-duty applications. It is your best choice for use on concrete floors because it will not react negatively with alkalis within the concrete matrix. Use it wherever there is high volume motorized traffic or where corrosive chemicals, spilled fuel, oil or standing water is regularly present. Offers excellent adhesion and hardness with superior chemical resistance. Will not pick up to hot tires. Grinding or blasting not typically required on concrete with the use of TS-695 Etching Cleaner or Muriatic acid. Covers up to 300 square feet per gallon.

  • Improves dry and cure times.
  • Improves the viscosity and leveling properties of paint and coating products.
  • Enhances the penetration of paint and primer.
  • A strong and effective cleaning agent.

INTENDED USE: A super-duty epoxy floor primer coating intended for industrial floor coatings applications. Suitable for commercial and residential use.
SURFACES: Concrete, tile, masonry, fiberglass, metal and wood.
USES: Concrete floors, walkways, ramps, commercial kitchens, manufacturing areas, industrial areas, food service areas, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Acceptable for use with all epoxy garage floor coating products.
THINNER: TS-605 Thinner.
APPLICATION: Apply by roller-coat or spray.


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