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TS-631 Shell-Tex (Non-slip Additive)


Shell-Tex is a finely ground walnut shell additive for liquid coatings that creates a textured slip resistant finish to any paint or clear coating product. Use it to improve slip resistance or simply to add decorative texture to any finish. Acceptable for use with both oil and water based products. It is acceptable for brush and roller-coat applications and it is sprayable.

  • Adds a slip resistant texture to paint and coating products.
  • Stays suspended better than silica aggregates resulting in a more even finish.
  • Adds a decorative appearance where desired.

DIRECTIONS: Pour contents of package into liquid coating product, mix thoroughly, apply evenly. No induction time is required. Color is walnut shell. Recommend using one 16 ounce package per gallon.
INTENDED USE: An additive for urethane and epoxy floor coatings that adds texture and slip resistance.
SURFACES: Decks, floors, steps, patios, walkways, laundry rooms, kitchens, basements, pool decks, handrails, bathrooms.
APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Pour contents of package into container of paint or coating and stir it in thoroughly.
NOTE: May lower the viscosity which may make thinning necessary.


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