TS-605 Fast-Dry Synthetic Thinner

  • FREE SHIPPINGFast-Dry Synthetic Thinner is a solvent that improves the viscosity leveling properties and dry and cure times of paint and coating products. Enhances the application of paint. Includes effective conditioning and drying agents. Excellent for cleaning tools and spills. Use only where recommended for best results.


    1. Improves dry and cure times.
    2. Improves the viscosity and leveling properties of paint and coating products.
    3. Enhances the penetration of paint and primer.
    4. A strong and effective cleaning agent.
  • INTENDED USE: Use to thin and condition paint and coating products where recommended.
    CLEAN UP: Use to clean up tools and spills.
    RECOMMENDATIONS: Use with TS-66, TS-222, TS-664, TS-4985, TS-6390 & TS-6433.

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