TS-222 Floor-Grip - Gallon


  • FREE SHIPPINGFloor-Grip is a two-part non slip floor coating that features three different sizes of non-slip additive pre-mixed in a durable industrial-marine alkyd base. The finish produced is considerably, thicker, harder and more durable than typical non-slip floor paint. Used by major hotels in drive through areas, in commercial kitchens and as a pool deck paint. Improves safety, lowers liability and produces an attractive finish tough enough to meet the demands of heavy traffic while being easy to walk on in bare feet. Will not pick up to hot tires. Provides a min COF of 0.70-.80. Grinding or blasting not typically required with the use of TS-695 Etching Cleaner or Muriatic acid. Covers approximately 100 square feet per gallon.


    1. Includes non-slip additive additive pre-mixed.
    2. Produces a rock-hard finish.
    3. One coat coverage.
    4. Fills and seals small cracks.
    5. Finish is 5 times thicker than competing products.
    6. Stain resistant finish.
    7. Good chemical resistance.
    8. Acceptable for bare feet.
    9. Produces a Min COF .70-.80.
    10. Resists cracking, peeling and chipping.
    11. Self-priming on concrete, masonry and steel.
  • INTENDED USE: A commercial grade textured non-slip coating for floors. Interior / exterior.
    SURFACES: Concrete, tile, masonry and metal.
    USES: Concrete floors, walkways, ramps, docks, commercial kitchens, manufacturing areas, industrial areas, food service areas, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Excellent for use as pool deck paint.
    THINNER: TS-605 Thinner.
    APPLICATION: Apply one coat by roller. Not recommended for wood.

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