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TS-180 Adhesion Bond


The Adhesion Bond is a non-toxic adhesion promoter that is added to any of the urethanes to provide excellent adhesion properties too hard to adhere to surfaces; including glazed or unglazed ceramic, porcelain, quarry and other tile and grout surfaces.

Mixing Instructions: Pour three (3) ounces of the Adhesion Bond per gallon into Top Secret’s urethane Part A (Resin) and stir together for two (2) minutes. Allow the mixture to sit for ten (10) minutes and then follow Top Secret’s recommended mixing instructions. See technical data sheet or application guide for further details.

Additional Information: The Adhesion Bond will increase the overall durability of the product. It is important to allow the ten (10) minute induction time for the Adhesion Bond and the Part A (Resin). This induction time will allow the product to meet its full adhesion characteristics much faster (within 24 hours). The Adhesion Bond does not have an impact on the pot life or working time. The Adhesion Bond can be used with any of the other Additives listed on this page. Follow the proper mixing instructions per the technical data sheets and / or application guide.


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