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TS-104 Seal-It! Deep Penetrating Sealer - Gallon


Seal-It! (Deep Penetrating Sealer) is a problem solver. It treats concrete and masonry three ways; it permanently seals out water, densifies and hardens it all at once. It contains a catalyst that seeks out and reacts with moisture, free alkali (lime), calcium hydroxides and other particles fusing them together creating an impenetrable silica. The entire matrix is converted into a solid mass creating a permanent barrier. Increases the bonding power floor coating products by up to 300%. Withstands up to 60 PSI hydro-static pressure! A true penetrating sealer not intended to be used over sealed surfaces or paint. Not a coating that leaves a finish! See concrete floor paints and coating products for finishes. One gallon treats 200 square feet. Three applications typically required. We strongly recommend making the VaproGuage Moisture Test part of your order. Call us or refer to product Data Sheet for further details.

  • Permanently seals out water and vapors.
  • Greatly reduces hydrostatic pressure.
  • Densifies and hardens concrete and masonry.
  • Improves the bonding power of concrete floor paints and coatings by up to 300%.
  • Easy application, just spray it on with a hand pump sprayer.
  • Does not alter the color or texture of the surface.
  • Extends the life of treated surfaces by reducing wear due to abrasion, freeze-thaw and salt attack.

INTENDED USE: A deep penetrating sealer that densifies and seals concrete permanently.
SURFACES: Concrete, porous tile and masonry.
USES: Concrete floors, walls, countertops, basements, food service areas and bathrooms. Use with any concrete floor paints.
APPLICATION: Most applications are by hand pump sprayer.


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