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Super-Fleck Chips

Chip Color*
Black and White Super Fleck Chips
Crushed Granite Super Fleck Chips
Boulder Gray Super Fleck Chips
Glacier Blue Super Fleck Chips
Royal Blue Super Fleck Chips
Shady Knoll Super Fleck Chips
Tortoise Shell Super Fleck Chips
Delta Green Super Fleck Chips
Oyster Shell Super Fleck Chips
Brownstone Super Fleck Chips
Sedona Super Fleck Chips
New England Red Super Fleck Chips

Super-Fleck Chips are machine ground acrylic chips used as part of a decorative floor coating system. An optional element that improves the appearance and texture of the surface while adding a measure of safety by improving slip resistance. The effect is a terrazzo-like appearance, which can be customized to meet the individual needs of the user. Disperse chips in light, medium, heavy or full coverage. Chips are UV resistant, colorfast, nontoxic and economical to use. Easy to use; just broadcast them across the still wet surface of the base coat. Clear coat is used to seal them in protecting both the chips and the base coat color. The result is a seamless floor that is both decorative and slip resistant. Chips are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Custom colors and color matching services are available by special order. Available in 1 LB, 3 LB, 10 LB and 55 LB quantities. Most surfaces receive medium dispersion, with approximately 1 LB covering about 100-150 square feet. For full dispersion figure approximately 7-10 LBS per 100 square feet. Chip color selection is made part of the check-out process while ordering.

  1. Chips improve the appearance and texture of the surface.
  2. May be use in light, medium or full dispersion to create a customized surface.
  3. Chips improve slip resistance and safety.
  4. Anyone can do it without special training.
  5. Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

INTENDED USE: Shredded acrylic chips used to decorate and add non-slip texture to a liquid applied coating product.
SURFACES: Commercial, industrial or consumer floors.
SUBSTRATES: Wood, concrete, fiberglass, all metals and synthetic materials.
USES: Restaurants, retail spaces, commercial kitchens, basements, hospitals, laboratories, manufacturing areas, bathrooms and in retail venues. Widely used with epoxy garage floor coatings.
APPLICATION: Broadcast chips across the still wet surface of the base coat so they stick. Over coat with clear coating to seal and tie it all together.


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