Old Sailor Traditional Marine Finish - Residential Exterior Marine Alkyd Enamel


  • FREE SHIPPINGOld Sailor Traditional Marine Finish is a versatile, top quality alkyd enamel intended for marine applications. It produces an attractive finish suitable for a wide variety of surfaces. The finish is durable and long-lasting, offering good adhesion, corrosion control, impact and scuff resistance at a good value. It has good UV resistance as well as color and gloss retention. Brush-ability and ease of application are very good. The cured finish is short-term submersible (5 days maximum). It levels well in brush and roll applications and is easily sprayed.


  • Perfect for Trim, Shutters, Fences, Windows, Floors, Decks, Exterior Furniture, Fascia, Doors, Garage Doors, Sheds, Mailboxes
    1. High Performance Marine Alkyd Traditional Enamel
    2. Unparalleled UV resistance - non-yellowing
    3. Apply by brush or roller
    4. Available in Gloss, Semi-Gloss or Satin finishes
    5. Use on Steel, Wood, Masonry, Aluminum & Fiberglass
    6. Good Coverage & Hiding
    7. Good Recoatability

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