Marine AF 45 - TBT Free Ablative Antifouling

4501 Royal Blue
4502 Marine Black
4504 Regatta Red

  • FREE SHIPPING Moderate copper load (45%) ablative antifouling. TBT free. Used for fouling control on coastal vessels (both commercial & recreational) requiring drydock intervals less than 36 month.


    1. Intended use: Used for fouling control on coastal or deep-sea vessels requiring drydock intervals less than 36 month.
    2. Product Info: Color Red, Black Finish / sheen Flat Curing agent Not applicable, one part paint Volume solids 61% ±2% Mix ratio One part Typical film thickness 4.0 – 5.0 mils DFT Theo coverage 195 square feet per gallon @ 5 mils DFT Flash point 81 degree F
    3. Dry Times 40F 50F 75F 90F Touch dry 4 hr 3 hr 2 hr 1 hr Before launch 30 hr 20 hr 15 hr 10 hr
    4. Overcoating Time 40F 50F 75F 90F Min / Max Min / Max Min / Max Min / Max Marine AF 45 15 hr / 30 days 8 hr / 30 days 6 hr / 30 days 4 hr / 30 days Note: Must be applied over MARINE AC 70 or MARINE AC 80 when tacky. Do not allow epoxy anticorrosive to dry hard. Apply over MARINE AC 1 when dry.
    5. Regulatory Data: • VOC 355 grams /liter or 188 grams / Kg • EPA 74681-2 Product does NOT contain TBT.
    6. Systems and Compatibility: Application of MARINE AF 45 over self polishing copolymers is not recommended.
    7. Surface Preparation: Surface must be clean, dry and free of all contamination. High pressure fresh water wash to remove all soluble contaminants and foreign matter. Clean any oil or grease in accordance with SSPC-SP1 Solvent Cleaning.
    8. Newbuilding: Prepare surface and apply recommended primer. Apply two coats of MARINE AF 45 depending on the drydock interval required. Drydocking: Insure coating is intact. Pressure wash the entire bottom with 3000 psi fresh water wash when vessel enters the dock and before the surface dries. Re- move all loosely adhering paint and fouling. Damaged areas should be prepared to SSPC-SP10 Near White Blast (Sa2.5) and coat with MARINE AC 70, MARINE AC 80, or MARINE AC 1. Comply with overcoating intervals specified by primer data sheet.
    9. Application data: Application: Apply by airless spray. Application by brush or roller will require multiple coats. . Strain material with a 60 mesh screen. Apply 6.5 mils wet to yield 4.0 mils dry film thickness.
    10. Mixing: Product contains moderate copper load. Always shake or mix thoroughly with shaker or power agitator.
    11. Thinning: Does not require thinning for spray application. If thinning is necessary, thin up to a maximum of 4 oz / gal of THINNER 975.
    12. Airless Spray: Airless spray is recommended. • Tip size 18-26 thou • Output fluid pressure at spray tip 3000 psi
    13. Conventional Spray: Conventional spray is not recommended.
    14. Brush: Brush use is recommended for small areas only. Multiple coats may be required to achieve specified film thickness.
    15. Roller: Roller use is recommended for small areas only. Multiple coats may be required to achieve specified film thickness.
    16. Cleaner: THINNER 975 Cleanup: Flush all equipment with THINNER 975. Close lid thoroughly for storage. Filter material prior to use.

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