Floor Grip - Residential Marine Non-Skid Floor Coating


  • FREE SHIPPINGFloor Grip is excellent in marine applications, on steps, walkways and ramps. Provides a beautiful finish that is resistant to color fade, abrasion and the effects of ponding water. It will fill and seal small cracks. Excellent for use on boat decks, ramps, walkways, and on marine infrastructure. Will adhere to most any surface including fiberglass, aluminum, wood, steel, masonry, brick, cement and stucco. Recommend SM-664D Etching Primer for aluminum or fiberglass. Provides a durable non-skid finish with excellent adhesion and superior resistance to abrasion, marring, chipping and cracking.


  • Perfect for Decks, Floors, Walkways, Steps
    1. High Performance Marine Non-Slip Floor Coating
    2. Special non-skid aggregate combination is Non-slip, Non-Skid
    3. Unparalleled UV resistance - non-yellowing
    4. Easy to apply to Decks, Walkways, Steps
    5. Excellent Hardness and Durability
    6. Fills and Seals Small Cracks
    7. Adheres to Concrete, Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass
    8. Self-Leveling Formula

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