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Epoxy Guard - Gallon

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A PREMIUM one-part industrial enamel that are designed for all applications of steel, wood and masonry. Formulated especially as a heavy duty protective and decorative coating to withstand severe exposures. An epoxy resin, rust inhibitive paint for new or previously painted structural steel, rolled steel, aluminum all types of wood and masonry surfaces. Special processed chemical ingredients protect metal and wood against rust, rotting, corrosion, mildew and chipping and fading. The result is a finish that provides outstanding appearance over the exposure cycle.

  • Easy to use no mix formula.
  • Long term waterproof finish.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Self-priming on concrete in two or more coats.
  • Resists fading, weathering, cracking, peeling and chipping.
  • Low odor, nontoxic finish.
  • High Solids Formulation Equals More Coverage
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs
  • Superb Adhesion

*** Not Recommended for floors with Autos or Forklifts. The preferred product for that application is Epoxy Kote - 2-part epoxy. ***

SUGGESTED USES: Exterior, interior, concrete, steel, equipment, and anywhere a rugged industrial coating is needed
LIMITATIONS: Do not apply if material, substrate or ambient temperature is below 50°F or above 95°F.
COLORS: Available in over 30 factory packaged colors, as well as 1000 mixed colors.
SOLVENT TYPE: High Flash Naphtha VOC: 3.76 lbs. / gal (450 grams / liter)
WEIGHT PER GALLON: 10 lbs. per gallon (varies by color)
COVERAGE: Theoretical coverage at two mils dry is 400 square feet per gallon, and recommended thickness of 4 mils dry would require 2 full coats. Material losses during mixing and application will vary and must be taken into consideration. Expect 50% less coverage on bare, rough or sandblasted surfaces.
VISCOSITY AT 75°F (24°C): 70-80 KU
AVERAGE DRY TIME 75°F: Dries to touch in 4 hours. Lower temperatures & higher humidity will slow down dry times.
RECOMMENDED REDUCER: Xylene for spray application, Hi Flash Naphtha for brushing or rolling
RESISTANCE TO: Chemical Resistance, Abrasion, Oils, Grease, Rust, Corrosion, Mildew, Chipping and Fading
RECOMMENDED PRIMERS: Jetcote Industrial Primers - 3038 Gray, 3037 Red, 3036 Black, 3039 Yellow
APPLICATION: Brush, Spray or Roller Roll: 1/2” nap mohair metal, lambskin, phenolic core roller. Keep roller wet. Roll in one direction, rewet, then cross roll. Product can be reduced as needed with Hi Flash Naphtha to allow proper flow out and performance.
Spray: Conventional Air Gravity Feed 59-70 psi, Tip Size .055 -.070, Airless 2200-2500 psi, Tip Size .013-.017. Product can be reduced with Xylene as needed for proper flow out and performance. For Air Spray reduce 25% with enamel reducer (Xylene.).
SURFACE PREPARATION: Water blast surface to remove all loose paint, dirt, oils and grease. Abrade with 240 grit dry sandpaper or equivalent. Solvent wipe down to remove all sanding residue. Prime with Jetcote Primer for best results.
POT LIFE: Not Applicable
SHELF LIFE: Maximum 12 months MIXING: Mechanically mix for 10 minutes, making sure that all solid material is mixed thoroughly.
PACKAGE: 1 Gallon cans, 5 gallon pails.
CLEANUP: Xylene for Equipment.


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