Copper Pro SCX™ Hard - Full Season - Boosted Modified Epoxy 67% Copper, 2% SCX™ - SLIME CONTROL XTRA™

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8111 Royal Blue
8112 Marine Black

  • FREE SHIPPINGCopper Pro SCX™ Hard - The highest performance modified hard epoxy performance production the market today. The highest copper content (67%) in our line, and in addition our performance booster SCX™ - SLIME CONTROL XTRA™ - provides outstanding protection against slime, grass and weed. Continual release of biocide makes this modified hard epoxy most effective for anti-fouling protection. Superior protection against hard and soft growth in extreme fouling conditions. Perfect for powerboats and sailboats, and can be applied directly over properly prepared epoxies and vinyls, and most any other hard bottom paints.



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