Bottom Shield 70 - High Build Epoxy Primer Kit

7001K White
7009K Medium Gray

  • FREE SHIPPING Bottom Shield 70™ is a two component epoxy primer with excellent adhesive properties on sanded fiberglass and as an anticorrosive primer on properly prepared metal substrates such as aluminum, steel and lead. Can be applied by spray or roller for large surfaces and by brush for small areas and touch up. Generally used as part of a system for below the waterline but can be used as a primer in topsides applications as well. Ideal for application to sanded fiberglass for osmosis prevention and as an anti-osmosis treatment. Provides a seamless high build epoxy coating that renders a water barrier that eliminates any direct path for water migration.


    1. High build application - ONLY 2 coats needed
    2. Prevents Water Absorption and Blistering
    3. Eliminates Direct Path of Water Migration
    4. Barrier Coat - 2 coats yields 10 mils dry
    5. Application to Fiberglass, Aluminum and Steel Surfaces
    6. Available in White, Gray, Black and Red
  • Suggested Uses: Barrier Coat on Fiberglass and for Metal Priming

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