Bottom Paint Booster™ - Pint

4500BP Milky White

  • FREE SHIPPING Bottom Paint Booster is a concentrated dispersion of an organic boosting biocide (zinc pyrithione) which when added to antifouling paints improves the resistance to virtually all marine fouling organisms. Contains a high concentration of booster in a universal resin system which enhances compatibility with antifouling paints. Can be added to any cuprous oxide and zinc pyrithione antifouling paint. Cannot be added to any water based antifouling paints. When added to copper based antifouling paints, please recognize that these combinations will have a reduced pot life, ranging about 4 hours depending on temperature. There is no affect on pot life in non-copper products.


    1. Add to any solvent-based Copper Antifoulant - ablative or modified epoxy hard
    2. Add 1 pint per gal of antifouling paint
    3. High strength will add extra protection for harshest environments

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