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It is more than uncommon to find such a company as yours on the "web". You have such a company. What a joy it is to work with a company and individuals such as you, Ron and Jeff. It is unheard of to see an almost instant completion of a transaction in the way you and your company have done. Add to that the time you (Peter) spent on the phone to help me get a handle on my job challenges and you are a stellar company in my book. Keep it up. I will certainly return to purchase your products as I need them. Thank you,
K B - Florida

I need to share something with you. I painted the bottom of my Glen-L Riviera in SM-1000 October Bronze. The bottom paint apparently is so smooth it has reduced the normal friction of the boat as it moves thru the water sufficiently enough that it is causing my engine revolutions to increase above safe ranges! As a result I am having to increase the size of my prop to create more resistance on the engine. Thank you for a great product.
D L - Arkansas

I used your paint and clear exclusively. All of it was rolled on with a foam roller. I have never painted anything other than interior and exterior of houses and a little spray painting of models as a kid. The products were easy to use and apply for a beginner like myself and the range of colors offered is great. I really like how I was able to get a blue color to match the motor trim color. The boat is a "Zip" from Glen-L plans. It took 732 hours to build over 1.5 years. Thanks,
C A - Indiana

We finished our pool project yesterday. It turned out beautifully! My painter was very impressed with the materials and it looks just fine. The rust converter seemed to work as advertised, the primer was impressive in its ability to adhere to the porcelain, and the final color was a great match for the original color. Please thank your colleagues from me. We are believers in our company's products.
BM - Dublin, OH

Thank you! I used the SM-1000 Revolution gloss white paint... and it worked better than I had hoped! I used it for my 25' speed boat, and it still amazes me how smooth and great it looked after it cured. Thanks,
RG - Virginia

So many visitors have visited our maintenance shop (Boeing) to see the floor and are so impressed. I highly recommend your product to so many. Thank you very much for your quick help. Take care,
DG- Travis AFB California

We use your 1 Part Epoxy on metal roofs up here in the Canadian oil fields and I can tell you it works far better than anything else we've tried. Epoxy usually peels in one year but this stuff still looks brand new after three years. This is going to help us get a lot more contracts. You can use us as a reference anytime!
BP - Alberta Canada

I just received your epoxy paint. I tried it with a brush and must say that is the best stuff I have ever used in the 17 years and a dozen cars that I have painted and repaired. I doubted the integrity of your ads, I must admit, but it really does what it says. Thanks for some good paint. We will be doing business again. "I may never paint my car again..."
MB - New Hampshire

We compared your epoxy floor with U-Coat It because my brother has it. His floor looks good but we decided on the Mono Epoxy for our shop floor. We are very happy with the smooth high gloss finish. It looks great! The epoxy went farther than you said it would so we have a lot of epoxy and chips left over which we plan to put the extra epoxy on our front porch. We are wondering how you can sell for 1/3 less than U-Coat it and provide more material than needed to do the job. It doesn't add up. The floor seems to be really hard and looks great but is it going to last?
KP - Tennessee

Your Supermarine Revolution Clear is absolutely fantastic! I cannot believe the gloss and clarity of it. Up to now I have been using Bristol Finish, Interlux Perfection and Epianes Clear High-Gloss Varnish, in my marine refinishing business but I am switching over to the Supermarine Clear. I am telling everybody I know about it!
SH - Washington

You were very helpful to us 2 yrs ago when we painted our concrete pool with Life Guard Pool and Pond Paint. It still looks like it was done yesterday. Great paint, I recommend it all the time! My neighbor asked me to contact you about his stainless steel pool. Which product do you recommend for it?
SK - North Carolina

My friend recommended Top Secret after buying your Supermarine Paint products for his boat (and is very happy). I am planning to prep and paint a classic Landcruiser. What coating and prep products would you recommend for it?
CM - Colorado

Your epoxy paint is GREAT - I am painting an experimental helicopter with it and cannot believe how well it covers and how good it looks!
EP Maine

I placed the order. Thanks for all the tech help!! I just wanted to add I wish all companies acted like yours. That is what this country needs!!!
EZ - Illinois

Thanks for all your help. Everything went fine on the first job so I just ordered again. By the way, your products are awesome.
JR - Tennessee

The SM 1000 Revolution worked like a charm! Two coats, self leveling, quick air dry product left a beautiful finish with two days of 51 degree weather. We will be sending pictures of the sailboat. Thanks for a truly functional product that works as advertized!!
J C - Iowa

Hey Supermarine, just a quick note to say thanks. My boat looks great! Your paint is top notch. The coverage was much higher than I had expected and I'm now left with more than half of what I ordered.
Department of Chemistry
Sweet Briar College, VA

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