Pool Shield CRX - Chlorinated Rubber Xtra - 1 Gallon - 5 YEAR WARRANTY

6401G White
6402G Medium Blue
6403G Aqua
6404G Royal Blue
6405G Sky Blue
6406G Black
6409G Medium Gray
466 Ivory
467 Light Pewter
416 Light Gray
424 Dark Gray
419MT Flint Gray
456 Off White
501 Hatteras White
476 Old Chalk
459 Beige
446 Chamois
447 Navaho
426 Grand Banks
443 Moccasin
448 Wheatland
449 Bufftone
441 Sand
450 Chickadee
442 All Spice
340MT Relic Bronze
445MT Kanga
440MT Russet
434MT Dark Brown
427 Gulf
358MT Marsh Green
374 Coastal Plain
369MT Green Grass
363MT Lime
357MT Palm
391 Clean Green
371 Jasper Green
370MT Leapfrog
383MT Ultra Green
380MT Dark Green
359MT Olive Drab
392 Caribbean Green
373MT Martini Green
395MT Synergy
375MT Sherwood
389MT Bluegrass
399MT Pineland
430 Seattle Gray
404 Smokey Blue
414 Warm Spring
475MT Surf City
394MT Lake Superior
407MT Cool Trim
411 Soft Blue
473 Mystic Blue
405 Pueblo Blue
412 Bikini Bottom
397MT Aegan Sea
415MT Norse Blue
410MT North Sea
402MT Blue Thunder
304 Ash Violet
303MT Mythical
302 Rosebay
301 Azalea
310MT Hibiscus
311MT Fire Engine
312MT Ablaze
308MT Burgundy
309MT Fine Wine
439MT Fireweed
306MT Gypsy Red
438MT Tile Red
320MT Daredevil
318MT Bright Red
316MT Sunset
325MT Carnival
436MT Cedar Rust
324MT Jovial
328MT Orange
321MT Golden Gate
327MT October Bronze
479MT Fresh Bronze
326MT Sunrise
332MT Amber Light
344MT All Gold
347MT Saffron
478 Daffodil
348 Corinthian
Safety SC Orange
Safety SC Red
Safety SC Blue
Safety SC Yellow

  • FREE SHIPPINGA PREMIUM two-part solvent based epoxy high build coating formulated to give maximum protection, as well as having fill qualities for imperfect pool services. Alternative to plaster. Silicone & UV Stabilizers act like a “Sunblock” against blistering UV sun rays, giving a tile finish. Longest lasting protection against fade. Apply over most types of epoxy pool coatings in good condition, as well as bare concrete, plaster, gunite and fiberglass. Dries quickly, durable, and resists fading, chemicals and abrasion. Mix ratio is 1:1. Designed for maximum protection against UV rays, automatic pool cleaning machines and chlorine. To switch from an epoxy (Pool Guard EHB™, Pool Guard™) to a chlorinated rubber (Pool Shield CRX™, Pool Shield™), or a chlorinated rubber (Pool Shield CRX™, Pool Shield™) to an epoxy (Pool Guard EHB™, Pool Guard™) - use Pool Grip™, our water base epoxy primer.


    1. Concrete & Plaster
    2. Resists Chlorine & U.V. Rays
    3. Silicone & UV Stabilizers act like a “Sunblock”
    4. Ease of Application
    5. Excellent Color Retention
    6. Cures Quickly
    7. Non-Fading
    8. Excellent Recoatability
    1. Pool Shield CRX™ is our exciting new extended-life chlorinated rubber. Built on decades of experience. Long life performance provides extended time between pool recoating. Silicone & UV Stabilizers acts like a “sunblock”, slowing down harmful sun rays. Crammed full of High Solids Chlorinated Rubber gives extended water-proof protection. Renew that tired pool with the new standard in the industry, and watch the years go by.

    To figure out the amount of paint required:

    Length x Width x 1.7 (depth) = square footage x 2 (2 coats) divided by 250 square feet = gallons needed

    2 coats are recommended for proper application - 25% - 50% less coverage will occur on bare, rough or sandblasted surfaces.

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