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Due to Covid 19, we have closed manufacturing and are selling off our remaining inventory. We will only be able to ship bulk orders of 20+ gallons. If you are interested in placing an order, please send an email to SS@AbsoluteCoatingsGroup.com.


TS-160 Accelerator / Hardener


Accelerator/Hardener is an optional ‘pour-in additive’ for floor paint and coating products. Use it to increase the hardness, corrosion resistance, scuff resistance, and chemical resistance of paint. Accelerates the dry and cure time of paint. Improves resistance to hot tire pick-up when used with concrete floor coatings. Use it in applications where dry and cure times are limited. Highly concentrated for easy use. Three ounce container treats 1 quart, 1/2 pint treats 1 gallon, quart treats 5 gallons. Reduce dosage by 50% when used with TS-100 Silicone Epoxy Clear when applied to wood. Pot-life is approximately 2-4 hours. Color: Clear. Clean up with xylol.

  • Improves the dry and cure times of concrete coatings.
  • Improves resistance to hot tire pick up.
  • Improves chemical resistance.
  • Concentrated pour in product.
  • Extremely effective.

INTENDED USE: A pour in additive for use with concrete floor coatings that accelerates and hardens concrete coatings and paint products.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Use with TS-100 Silicone Epoxy or TS-200 Mono-Epoxy. Acceptable for use on concrete, tile, masonry and wooden floor surfaces.


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