Copper Pro SCX™ - Multi-Season - Boosted Ablative - 67% Copper, 2% SCX™ - SLIME CONTROL XTRA™

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8101 Royal Blue
8102 Marine Black
8103 Admiral Green
8104 Regatta Red

  • FREE SHIPPINGThe highest performance multi-season ablative copolymer performance product on the market today. The highest copper content (67%) in our line, and in addition our performance booster SCX™ - Slime Control Xtra provides outstanding protection against slime, grass & weed. Continual release of biocide makes this self polishing copolymer most effective for anti-fouling protection with only minimal paint buildup. Tough, multi-season paint for superior protect against hard & soft growth in extreme fouling conditions and can re-launch after extended haul-out while remaining original antifouling properties.



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