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TS-100 1-Part Epoxy (Color) View/Change/Complete your order:  

The secret is out on TS-100 1 Part Epoxy. This easy to use fully submersible waterproof roof coating replaces hard to use multiple component epoxy and urethane in metal, tile, asphalt and concrete roof paint applications. Its’ a one of a kind, super-premium roof coating that is excellent for use on virtually any roofing surface. A self priming single component epoxy roof paint that that may be applied directly to tile, metal or concrete without the need for primer saving you time, work and money! 1 Part Epoxy is durable, environmentally friendly and non-toxic making it a favorite of professional roofing contractors. 1 Part Epoxy Roof Coating doesn’t need a primer and won’t chalk, fade or yellow, crack or peel like two component epoxies.  1 Part Epoxy is a one of a kind, super-premium protective coating that produces a film that remains both hard and flexible at the same time. Its silicone epoxy base allows high adhesion, flexibility, color fastness and UV stability. Since its oxygen cured rather than catalyzed it holds its color and gloss longer, is easier to work with and less hazardous. No other product we are aware of has a wider range of application possibilities. 1 Part Epoxy adheres to almost anything and it self levels like a dream. Provides rust inhibiting protection and excellent resistance to smog, grime, chemicals, alkali’s and acids. It is impact resistant to 500 PSI and is heat resistant to 350+ degrees. If that weren’t enough it is a one coat application. One coat covers up to three times the area of typical paint because its maximum dry film thickness is only two mils. That’s half the thickness of a sheet of paper! What more could you ask of any roof coating. 1 Part Epoxy provides unequaled adhesion and performance on steel, wood, ceramics, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, asphalt, concrete and masonry surfaces. It is easy to use because it can be brushed, rolled or sprayed and it cleans up easily.

Stats: Covers 400-500 square feet per gallon on porous surfaces such as concrete, 600-800 square feet on non porous surfaces when sprayed. Dry to the touch in 2-4 hours. Pot life: Not applicable * Very high in solid content so it will require reduction in most applications. May be applied direct to well prepared (etched) porous surfaces.  Compatible for electrostatic spray. Low temperature curing (as low as 20 F.) Available in 200 stock roof paint colors. Custom colors available on request for an additional $5.00 per gallon.

Recommended preparation: For best results remove old roof paints, loose scale, grease, oil and contaminates. Sand, grind, bead blast or power-wash prior to the application of any cleaner or primer. Steel: TS-5679 Phos-Pro Rust Converting Cleaner, etch concrete, tile or asphalt materials with TS-695 Etching Cleaner. All surfaces must be thoroughly dry before the application of any roof coatings.

Recommended primers: Self priming on most porous surfaces. Glazed tile and masonry-TS-6390 Ever-Last Epoxy Primer or TS-664 Etching Primer. Wood-TS-664 Etching Primer. Fiberglass, aluminum and composite materials-best when used with TS 117 Pre-Wash Primer in combination with TS-664 Etching Primer. Steel & iron: None.  

Thin & clean up: Use only with factory recommended thinner, TS-101 Thinner. Clean all equipment thoroughly with TS-101 Thinner or TS-602 Mineral Spirits.

Accelerate/Harden: See TS-160 Accelerator/Hardener on SUPPLIES Page.

Reduce gloss: See TS-150 Gloss Reducer on SUPPLIES Page.

Acceptable uses: RV roof paint, tile roof paint, aluminum roof coating, concrete roof paint, flat roof paint, metal roof paint, RV roof coating, rubber roof coating, tile roof paint, tin roof paint, waterproof coating, waterproof coating, steel roof coating, steel roof paint. An alternative to: acrylic roof paint, aluminum roof paint, concrete roof paint, elastomeric roof paints, epoxy roof paint, flat roof paint, flat roof paints, rubber roof coating, zinc roof paint or fiberglass roof paint.




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