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TS-100 1-Part Epoxy
Clear Marine Coating

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A clear version of our innovative 1 Part Epoxy paint utilizing the exclusive hybrid resin blend technology that Top Secret Coatings is best known for. TS-100 1 Part Epoxy Clear coating won’t crack, peel, chalk or yellow like the big name, old school varnishes. What makes it unlike typical marine varnish, spar varnish or urethanes is that it produces a film that remains both hard and flexible at the same time. Its silicone epoxy base allows high flexibility, heat resistance and UV stability while providing the excellent hardness, scuff resistance and resistance to salt and chemicals you expect from Top Secret Coatings. The single component oxygen cure allows it to hold its gloss longer, makes it easier to work with and less hazardous to you and the environment. No other product we are aware of has a wider range of application possibilities. 1 Part Epoxy Clear marine coating adheres to almost anything and self levels like a dream. Brush it on and watch the brush marks disappear before your very eyes! Industry veterans recognize this product as being something very special. This waterproof clear marine coating offers excellent resistance to chemicals, spilled fuel, hydraulic fluid and acids. It is impact resistant to 500 PSI and is heat resistant to 350+ degrees. It is gloss retentive, non-chalking and resists cracking, chipping and peeling. Additionally, it covers up to three times the area of typical varnish because its maximum dry film thickness is only two mils. That’s half the thickness of a sheet of paper! If that were not enough, it typically covers in just one coat! What more could you ask of any clear coating? 1 Part Epoxy Clear marine coating provides outstanding adhesion to Steel, Iron, Wood, Concrete, Masonry, Composites, Ceramics, even Aluminum! It is easy to use because it can be brushed, rolled or sprayed and it cleans up easily. This lead-free formula is low VOC, is engineered to provide extraordinary beauty, brilliance, durability, and is non-toxic when dry so it is safe around children and animals. Acceptable for use as a clear topside coating, waterproof coating, rust preventative paint or protective coating for wood, aluminum boat paint and fiberglass boat paint applications. Compatible marine coatings include TS-1 Revolution Marine Coating, TS 100 1 Part Epoxy Coating and TS-4 Urethane Reinforced Alkyd Marine Paint. Not recommended for use with TS-2 Urethane Marine Coating, TS-2 Urethane Clear Marine Coating, TS-6433 Ever-Last Epoxy Paint, TS-6433 Ever-Last Epoxy Clear Marine Coating or TS 527 Camo-Coat Camouflage Boat Paints.

Stats: Covers 400-500 square feet per gallon on porous surfaces such as concrete, up to 800 square feet on non porous surfaces. Dry to the touch in 2-4 hours. Pot life: Not applicable * Very high in solid content so it will require reduction in most applications. Compatible for electrostatic spray. Low temperature curing (as low as 40F.) Available in high gloss sheen.

Recommended preparation: For best results remove old paint, loose scale, grease, oil and contaminates. Sand, grind, bead blast or power-wash prior to application. Steel, iron, aluminum: TS 695 Etching Cleaner. All surfaces must be thoroughly dry before the application of any topside coatings, bottom paints, marine varnishes or brightwork varnish.

Thin & clean up: Use only with factory recommended thinner, TS 101 Thinner. Clean all equipment thoroughly with TS 101 Thinner or TS 602 Mineral Spirits.

Accelerate/Harden: See TS-160 Accelerator/Hardener on SUPPLIES Page.

Reduce gloss: See TS-150 Gloss Reducer on SUPPLIES Page.

NOTE: Not an antifouling bottom paint. Recommend TS 700 Old Sailor Bottom Paint for antifouling paint duty.


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Top Secret Coatings was spotlighted on Terry Bradshaw’s Pick of the Week. The program aired nationally on CNBC.